Palm Sunday: What did you expect?

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like had the media covered Palm Sunday? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what our High School students brought to you today. 

Check out their video below. 

Jerusalem News

What did you expect?

We all have expectations and when things don’t go as expected, we react in negative ways. This is the issue the people experienced on that first Palm Sunday in Jerusalem. They believed Jesus was the Messiah and King that was prophesied about 500 years ago but they understood his mission differently. To them, he was coming to rescue them from Rome and the injustice and suffering they were currently experiencing just as God had rescued his people from Egypt all those years ago. 

But Jesus to their disappoint was on a different mission. Not simply victory over Rome, but victory over sin and death. So Jesus knew he would have to disappoint his people temporarily in order to save us eternally. 

However, disappointment and frustration over unmet expectations often causes us to do and say things we wouldn’t normally do. 

Jesus was everything they needed, but nothing they expected. 

So it’s often asked how did this happen?

  • How did people go from hailing Jesus as “Messiah and King” on Sunday to shouting “Crucify Him!” just a few days later?
  • How did things go from a triumphal entry Sunday to carrying His own cross on Friday?
  • From cloaks being laid before Him to his clothes being stripped from Him?
  • From crowds gathered around Him to his closest friends abandoning him?

I believe it has a lot to do with unmet expectations. When Jesus didn’t do things the way they thought he would, they experienced emotions and feelings that turned to bitterness, rage, and hostility. 

We can relate, can’t we? We’ve all been there, left disappointment and empty because of our unmet expectations because we’ve put our hope and trust in the wrong things or the wrong people. 

The world will tell us the solution is to not have expectations or lower them and then we will be happier and more content. And that advice might be good when it comes to our spouses, co-workers, or friends but not so much when it comes to God. 

The issue the people were having on that first Palm Sunday was not that their expectations were too high and Jesus wasn’t going to do enough to live up to it. It was that they were too low and they missed it. 

Jesus wasn’t coming to merely change their circumstances so that they could be at peace, he was coming to make a way for all of us to experience peace no matter what the circumstance.

There was so much more to the story but they couldn’t see past their disappointment. 

What expectations are you having for God? Remember he is in the business of doing more than we can imagine, more than we ever ask. We have a God who always has our best interest in mind. He sees the big picture and it’s up to us to trust him and to expectantly wait for him to fulfill it. 

It might not be what you imagined, but it will be incredible. 

Listen to the sermon HERE.


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